Posted on: June 30, 2017

The "Redding Riffle" Project Shortlisted for Funding

Redding Riffle

Congratulations to Shasta Living Streets, The Fly Shop, The Redding Civic Auditorium, Turtle Bay, and the city of Redding on the “Redding Riffle” project’s shortlisting for the Urban Rivers Prop 1 program!  This project is the product of a community collaborative effort and the first of three projects coordinated for the overall improvement along the south side of the Sacramento River at Turtle Bay.  If selected in July, the city of Redding project will receive $560,000 to:

  • Increase the riparian area, removing driving and asphalt closest to the river
  • Install permeable pavement parking at a distance further from the river
  • Increase native plant cover and remove invasive species

Final grant awards will be announced later this summer.  After the Redding Riffle project, these community players will continue their collaboration to secure funding for trail improvements and amenities, and then boat ramp improvements.

Good luck!  Thanks for your hard work to improve our community!  The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency looks forward to joining the partnership for the funding of the trail alignment.