Posted on: November 4, 2016

AWARDED $448K: SRTA Submits a Grant for Sustainable Shasta: A Walk and Bike Network for Downtowns

Cyclist with signs

SRTA submitted a grant application -- and was awarded ~$448K -- to Caltrans's Sustainable Transportation Planning Program for Sustainable Shasta: A Walk and Bike Network for Downtowns on November 5, 2016. The requested grant amount is $447,890. The grant application promotes advanced non-motorized corridors that support sustainable growth in Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs), equipping community partners with details for the next generation of SGA non-motorized implementation. Project deliverables bridge a gap by taking high level project concepts and adding the necessary level of detail for project programming and delivery. Deliverables are: 1) Neighborhood level public outreach; 2) Complete street corridor layouts within and into SGAs; 3) Regional funding policy guidance, e.g. NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide; and 4) Procurement program for amenities. Efforts will be coordinated with land use and multi-modal programs to maximize performance outcomes.

Find out more about SRTA's Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning here: 


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