Strategic Growth Council (SGC) Grants

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Program

The California Strategic Growth Council’s Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program provides funding to developers, local jurisdictions, transit operators, program operators, and service and facilities districts to undertake infill and redevelopment housing projects; housing-related infrastructure projects; transportation-related infrastructure projects; and associated planning and programs.  The common goal of AHSC Program grants is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Additional desirable benefits include: reduced air pollution; enhanced public health and well-being; equitable access to jobs, housing, and essential services; increased mobility options; access to affordable housing; and the preservation of lands vital to California’s agricultural industries.

More compact development within multi-modal city and town centers is assumed in SRTA’s 2015 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and is necessary for the region to meet state-assigned targets for reducing per capita greenhouse gas emissions from automobile trips.  For this reason, SRTA has contracted with a team of planners and grant writers to survey the region for candidate projects and to help ready grant applications for the most promising projects.

The following process and timeline is anticipated:

 Anticipated Timeline  Activity
September - November 2015 Consultant-led survey for candidate projects
Note: all interested parties are encouraged to contact SRTA or Green Dot Transportation Solutions (consultant to SRTA) to discuss the potential projects. 
November - December 2015 Review and compare candidate projects based on grant program scoring criteria and consistency with SRTA's 2015 Regional Transportation Plan.  
Present top candidate projects to SRTA Board of Directors.  Selected projects will move forward for grant application technical assistance
Summer 2016
Submit grant application(s) to California Strategic Growth Council. 
October 2016  AHSC Grant awarded to the city of Redding for $20 million for the Downtown Loop and Affordable Housing Project

To discuss potential grant projects and partnership opportunities, please contact:

Jeff Schwein, Consultant Project Manager                           Daniel Wayne, Senior Planner
Green DOT Transportation Solutions                 OR             Shasta Regional Transportation Agency
530-895-1109                                                                       530-262-6186                                

Additional information regarding the AHSC Grant Program is available on the Strategic Growth Council's website.

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